2016 / gLITTER

Glitter is a cheap way to transform anything, and litter is even cheaper. In gLITTER, a world of garbage comes to you, ironically transformed. 2D meets 3D with altered-reality acid-pop photo-illustrations transferred onto objects of daily living: dishtowels printed with images of lovely, litter-strewn pond scum, anyone? Some items of detritus seen in the imagery will also appear in the show, and they too have been revamped, from trash into sculpture, further blurring the lines between decoration and disregard.

2015 / Standard Indications

There is a web of connections between patriotism, branding, consumerism, and the earth. We cut our land and populations to pieces, then sit in the comfort and pride of belonging to something simply because we do not belong to the other. Primacy gained by tribal access to resources turns power to greed, ironically ruining the ultimate underlying source that belongs to no one.


2013 / Pennants

"Pennants" takes a look at the blind and shallow spots of patriotism and celebration, admitting collusion as well as warning. The image of the American flag in this show represents not only country, but any and all countries--but mostly it represents affiliation and exclusion, sound-bytes and life-choices. A minimalist aesthetic and limited palette (dominated by red, white, and black) lend calm to the fiery topic, inviting reflection. What flags do you "wave"? 


2012 / conveyance

“conveyance” is a show of conceptual sculptures sprung from the artist’s enduring fascination with the complexities and dualities of character formation: what character we are given, and what we find or create; what we reveal and what we hide and how that influences our lives; what we cling to and how that can hold us in comfort or lock us down; what we endure or experience and how it may nurture, change, or simply confront the content of our core being. Our patterns may shape us to some degree, but our inner natures will direct some of those patterns. We hold, we carry, we receive.

A range of materials from organic to industrial (including textiles, plaster, stones, and threads) bring both lyrical and blunt beauty to the various conceptual works, which quietly celebrate and lament at the same time.